A revolutionary way of traveling that enables people to explore Paris as never before: through amazing Paris Segway Tour hosted by Logic Way.

Enjoy the ride of your life with one of these this Segway Experiences. Segway is the latest in eco-friendly personal transport and a great way to see the sights. You’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up the techniques it takes to steer these two-wheeled vehicule while standing up. Self-balancing and easy to drive, you’ll feel very comfortable in no time as you practice the controls before heading out.

Then it’s off on an exciting journey with your instructor through stunning and varied top places in Paris. Take your pick from various selected rides for an adventure you’ll never forget.

Riding a Segway PT is fun and easy for all ages! The Segway technology moves intuitively with your body, making operation a breeze! Logic Way Paris provides each of our guests with complementary one-on-one safety training with a certified Segway Instructor before each tour begins.


Tours must be booked online 24 hours in advance. For same day bookings, call us at +33 666 888 896

This guided Paris Segway tour is simply the best way to experience your Paris sightseeing adventure !

A wonderful way to see the sights of Paris which will give you a unique view and feeling for the city.

Our Segway tours are tailored completely to your tastes! Package price for 1 up to 4 participants.


06 66 88 88 96

+33(0)666 888 896

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