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Motivating your staff, rewarding an accomplishment, offering a playful activity at the end of a company meeting, livening up a commercial operation...Segway is also great for team building activities. Riding a Segway is a unique and thrilling experience but it also requires concentration and team work. The teams have to complete a relay course that demands strong communication, planning and team spirit in order to succeed! 

Segway is the leader in personal and green transportation, transforming  the way you work, play and live. You can move comfortably and efficiently. Segway is a unique electrical device that keeps the self-balanced; it operates on any terrain and is easy to use. Riding the Segway is intuitive and you can learn to handle it in few minutes. Get in, lean in and go. Straighten up and stop. Go fast or slow. Turn left, right and go anywhere you like.

Totally flexible, our Segways can operate on grass, tarmac or even indoors. If you are looking for a different team building activity, this can be just what you need!

Team building can be arranged in the countryside or at an attractive indoors location. The day starts with a short presentation and introduction on how to use the Segway vehicle (basic driving techniques; crossing, slalom, reversing etc.). The teams, an itinerary and disciplines are then established. thanks to our mobile Segway fleet accross France, we offer a solution to any of your needs.


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